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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 8

Somehow I think you will...

Because you can't be a frat boy forever...

and we're hoping your daughter doesn't really look like a monkey.

Wow! Way cool. Just make sure you get copyright permission if you ever decide to update ol' Mike's face.

Here is a one way trip to the pavement in any traffic stop ever... Not to mention how well things could go at the bank, your kid's school, the court house, and the airport. Simply genius...

Isn't that sweet? She's devoted her torso to a pun... Awesome!

That's a cool fairy you have there son. And I thought Andy Milonakis died of syphilis.

WTF is this? A sagi-pegi-titty-corn?

WWJD? Dress snappy and get a perfect Donkey Kong score of course. What did you think?

Or just this...

I didn't know Mr. T. was a Shriner...

So I guess she doesn't like doggy style.

And yet again a tattoo from a show your grandma watches... The Golden Girls, still golden and still leaving their mark.

And did we finally round up a Matlock tattoo? Well... yes but it's not quite what I was looking for...

"Where's my tribute pic bisnitch?"

Big titties

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