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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I like to feed my piggy Ginger Snaps... Tee hee!"

"Ron't rorry Kyn, ma whyfle choots ha an rot."

"Oh! WTF?! I didn't know we were having chin ticklers for breakfast."
 Now there's a pretty picture...

Well, that's one way to get the taste out of your mouth...

But Betty just bites a weiner...

And now a collection of complete assholes:

I bet this guy's shadow is a embarrassed.

One hell of a stylish mugshot here. A triple fauxhawk mullet... We aren't ready.  

"Yo, check out da rims on my whip yo! Now my 90s Camero is straight ballin' yo!"

Is one a girl or are they just totally gayshin?

The Pabst Blue Ribbon on the nightstand match the Smurfy blue BVDs and accentuate the shitty tattoos... That be some classy shit up in the muthaphukin Ramada beyatches.

Wow... awesome... A man blouse... Did somebody puncture a tire or is that just the sound of this queef?

Come for the WTF stay for the Shiznit!

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