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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 8

Somehow I think you will...

Because you can't be a frat boy forever...

and we're hoping your daughter doesn't really look like a monkey.

Wow! Way cool. Just make sure you get copyright permission if you ever decide to update ol' Mike's face.

Here is a one way trip to the pavement in any traffic stop ever... Not to mention how well things could go at the bank, your kid's school, the court house, and the airport. Simply genius...

Isn't that sweet? She's devoted her torso to a pun... Awesome!

That's a cool fairy you have there son. And I thought Andy Milonakis died of syphilis.

WTF is this? A sagi-pegi-titty-corn?

WWJD? Dress snappy and get a perfect Donkey Kong score of course. What did you think?

Or just this...

I didn't know Mr. T. was a Shriner...

So I guess she doesn't like doggy style.

And yet again a tattoo from a show your grandma watches... The Golden Girls, still golden and still leaving their mark.

And did we finally round up a Matlock tattoo? Well... yes but it's not quite what I was looking for...

"Where's my tribute pic bisnitch?"

Big titties

Friday, May 27, 2011

Steaming pile of Shiznit

I don't know, man... She's seems very flexible, but she looks a little light up top to me...

Mick Jagger likes to stay active between tours.

Quit goofing around soldier and get your ass up that hill!

BUSTER! What did you do to the cat?

Hark! What's that you say? You wanted to see the Hoff today?
NO! I will not be your live in maid you Austrian prick!

Well... I think I've explained everything, Spock. In my medical opinion I don't think penis enlargement is a viable option. Did you hear that? Through the wall... I could have sworn I heard someone say penis enlargement. WTF pics funny OMG random Hasselhoff Justin Beiber

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's in a Douche?

What is in a Douche? Vinegar, saline, perhaps a PH balanced scented liquid. No not that kind of douche, silly. This kind....               

While there may be no shortage of scented liquids associated with these douches, more importantly, there are large amounts of insecurities born in adolescence.

Being a douche is simple. Bend yourself to a perceived reality, and imitate and exaggerate anything that has ever impressed someone with a vagina...
Historically this has been health, strength, safety, security, and confidence...
This translates to an exaggerated tan to indicate health...

the potential for steroid use to project strength...

flashy jewelry, overpriced T-shirts, and when very desperate, posing with cash to display wealth for the perception of safety and security.

Douches will imitate one another to the point of irony...

And generate their confidence through overtly sexual overcompensation...


and grandiose displays that serve to impress other douches more than their intended target and all important end goal...
 The pussy!

Except for these guys... Because they have the formula all wrong. 
 And are an entirely different brand of douche...

Check out Good Ass Knew

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WTF? Human Sideshow

...So that's why you need to always wear your sunscreen little Billy.

Internet dating... What are you waiting for? 

Flaunt it if you've got it.

Hector found himself a dwarf he didn't want to toss.

Remember kids, if you're very good, the tighty whitey bunny might visit you too.

Aunt Gertrude. Aunt Gertrude. We hear you're eating dog food... We wish you'd stop, but we know you're not. So have some kibbles too.

Todd was very proud of his impressive bust line.

 Come on baby, give us a kiss.

"My name be Sheena an I gots a weena."

Back in high school Phil was in the chess club, on the math team, and enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends when he wasn't murdering hitch hikers.

What do you want on your sandwich Billy?

WTFshiznit - So shizzy you'll be dizzy.