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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 4

Want to see something stupid? That's why you're here right?
I can't decide on this one. Patrick Swayze as a Centaur in his SNL Chippendale's outfit... with crisscross rainbows. It might be awesome.

There's something missing below because there's something missing up top.

Hey... If you don't have it you can always just get a picture of it and just project... project... PROJECT!

A tattoo that makes it look like you had your ass beat... Nice. I bet that makes the job interviews so easy.

And then there's this egg head. I will not eat green eggs and ham. I will not eat them on a man...

What is that anyway? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Ash Wednesday.

Who's laughing now muthaphucka?!

Okay... WTF is this? And why does it have a dick snake on its chest?


So much worse... WTF? Why? And I thought the armpit balls from last week was bad... That guy's got nothing on her.

Raw oysters and hamburgers? What kind of restaurant is this? OH..............

Those two should stay away from this guy.

And yet another Golden Girls tattoo... It never ends with them.

But still no Matlock.... And the search goes on.

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