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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 6

Want to see something classy? Better keep moving, there is nothing like that here as evidenced below.

"Hmmm how do I tell the world that I'm white trash? Oh I know, I'll get some ink that spells it out for them."

This might be cute in crayon and hung up on the fridge, but here it's just tragic.

Slightly better and at least on the back. I guess T-Rex is king of the dinosaurs.

What? Wow! There's a message for the ages...

I just hope she looks better in person than her portrait does.

How do you tell the world that your parents need their heads examined? Oh... With Aqua Teen Hunger Force of course.

How do you know when you've taken a joke too far? Yeah that's it...

Poor decision or truth in advertising? You decide...

Well I guess she has her bases covered...

Here's a great decision... Somehow I think her trips to the dentist are awkward. 

And once again... The Golden Girls.

But no Matlock, no Andy Griffith, just Barney...
Come for the WTF? stay for the Shiznit

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