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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 10

I wonder how their football team is?

He does but I don't have to...                                         

This little piggy loves beer...
This little piggy is gone.

Potty Cat! He's got a helmet and he's on the john... Potty Cat!

She's just so classy isn't she? Who wouldn't want porn on their back? "Hey mom... can my friends come over and look at your back again?"

This reeks of overcompensation...
Nice try legcock but we know the truth.

Um... yeah...

Watch out Charlie Sheen I think he may really be a warlock.                                            

And, as always, the Golden Girls. The saga continues...                                               

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner - Ask Me About My Weiner!

You made your bun... now lie in it.

We've all seen the pictures he Tweeted...

"Dude... everybody knows that's your tweeter, Weiner."

Come on Weiner... Don't exaggerate.

So here's one he didn't...

 Put your Weiner down Anthony... That's distracting.

"See... I'll show anyone."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 9

So you're hungry?
 How about a Chicago dog?
 Or a burger?
 Don't forget the ketchup...
 and a cold one to wash it all down.
 Then after a few of those you could get some wings...

 Of course you could always have something else for lunch...
 Okay now I've completely lost my appetite.

Q: Who would get inked up with those last two tats?


And they should cut it out...

Because things are getting really weird. Like rainbow unicorn cupie doll murder...
 Rainbow unicorn cupcake piss...
 and rainbow unicorn dolphin sex... WTF?

Speaking of cutting it out and dolphins... Wow!

And as always... The Golden Girls. They are everywhere.

We're still looking Ben. It has to be out there.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Over 20 Pics of Pure Mullet Power

Ah... the majestic mullet, noncommittal in the definition of its style. Simultaneously short and long, and much like the wearer that chooses it, uncertain or unconcerned of its identity. It is as iconic as it is ordinary and as loved as it is reviled.

The mugshot mullet - AKA white trash glamor shots.

The perpetual duality of the mullet, this one says coach up front and sex offender out back.

Yes they are from Family Dollar, but damn do they look good.

MacGuyver's mullet: If he has it, then you know it's functional.

Uncle Jessie... You are like Fonzie and Scott Baio dipped in liquid cool. Or is that just CK One?

"I enjoy outdoor activities, drive an '86 Trans Am, like sweat bands, brightly colored briefs, and yes... it's a mullet."

Yearbook mullets: A lot of people have them - You know who you are...

It's important to have flare... And this mullet flares baby!

A mullet worn with shaved in lines, a sneer, and a chain... The complete package.

This kid is rocking it. That's lifetime growth you're looking at. Pure mullet dedication. 

When deciding how to cut your child's hair, take time to mullet over...

Somebody throw this kid a beer.                                 

Trudy is awfully fond of her pet...

"Take a picture it'll last longer." Okay!

Joe Dirt's mom, Joleena Dirt.

"Has anybody seen where I parked my Dodge Dakota?"

"I think it might be next to my Geo Tracker..."


And now for a few successful Mullectomies:


Come for the WTF? Stay for the Shiznit!

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