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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 9

So you're hungry?
 How about a Chicago dog?
 Or a burger?
 Don't forget the ketchup...
 and a cold one to wash it all down.
 Then after a few of those you could get some wings...

 Of course you could always have something else for lunch...
 Okay now I've completely lost my appetite.

Q: Who would get inked up with those last two tats?


And they should cut it out...

Because things are getting really weird. Like rainbow unicorn cupie doll murder...
 Rainbow unicorn cupcake piss...
 and rainbow unicorn dolphin sex... WTF?

Speaking of cutting it out and dolphins... Wow!

And as always... The Golden Girls. They are everywhere.

We're still looking Ben. It has to be out there.

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