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Thursday, April 14, 2011

WTF happened to Snuggle?

The dirty laundry on America's favorite symbol of softness.

Snuggle the lovable fabric softener spokesman that captured the hearts of millions got his start in the 1980s. And while his onscreen persona was that of a soft plushy teddy bear, there is a dark chapter in the life of the fresh smelling little bear that almost ended in tragedy. He seemed to have it all... Fame, the adoration of millions, and the softest and freshest smelling fur in the business. But like many other stars have found, it can be lonely at the top...

and the people that claim to be your friends don't always have your best interests at heart.

Drugs and alcohol abuse found their way into the laundry basket... The parties went on for days...
and Snuggle found himself in the company of other self destructive company icons who dealt with the pressures of fame the same way he did.
There was no shortage of blow and underage groupies.

But eventually the fame and the money dried up, and Snuggle found himself forced to preform sexual favors to support his $1,500 a day habit.

His weight fluctuated wildly....

A mere shell of his former self, Snuggle had become a monster...

that even his own family could not recognise.

At rock bottom, Snuggle made a desperate cry for attention...

and was booked on indecent exposure charges and forced into rehab.

Fortunately, Snuggle was willing to put the time in, and took the necessary steps toward his recovery.

These days Snuggle is clean and once again softening the hearts of America as well as their laundry.

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