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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday 2

You have to respect the honesty here. And I believe this one sets the tone for the rest of these. And I think I have found the answer to why people do this to themselves. Say it with me...

This one is just plain weird. And I'm sure it could make a bunch of people uncomfortable...

But it's not nearly as weird or awkward as this one. WOW!

Another Golden Girls tattoo, really? Because what guy doesn't want to touch a girl's thigh and see a smiling group of senior ladies?

Some people are enthusiastic about their favorite food but this is ridiculous...

And while you're still reeling from that one? Is it more delicious?

Wait..... Is it peeing?

Is this from the kinder gentler version of Hellraiser?

Can you say no fly list?

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