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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So you wanna be a gangsta...

Sup Dawg?........... Oh sorry... Air soft and orthodontics, muthaphuckas!

Who you callin' cute, muthaphuckas?

Yo momma so crip she'll give you crutches, muthaphuckas!

These guys haven't found a fat white girl yet....

Yo damn right I stole dat beyatch's bike, muthaphuckas!

This Bud's for you, muthaphuckas!

Double chocolate, muthaphuckas!

West India, muthaphuckas!

Barney Fife goes deep cover in Mayberry's gang unit....


Sesame Street has changed a lot. You gotta' straight handle shit, son...

So where's Big Bird?

Here I am, muthaphuckas!

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