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Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Values

Practice what you preach gramps... I don't think those are Skittles you've been eating. A power mullet and a puppy... Hasselhoff eat your heart out.

"My name in Nelson and my hobbies include computer programing, collecting sweaters, growing an Amish beard to accent my rocking mullet, and spending time with Mr. Boots."

Notice that they are not smiling directly at the monkeys.

When Jeremy snapped, nobody saw it coming... He was always such a nice boy.
"Quick billy grab that there opossum and geet ya brothers together for a picture."

"Are you serious? Santa is so conformist..."

Raising two kids on her own in the 80s, Trudy knew she had to choose her battles...

Goldilocks says this picture is just right.

The rare WTF flower blooms only once a year...

"I know honey, we could get dressed up in all those things you killed this year."

Bob and Sally were such big TMNT fans they named Donatello as little Suzy's Godfather.

After a bit too much vodka ended up in the punch, the family reunion took a very wrong turn.

Banana hammock - check. Bow tie - check. Pot belly - check. The strangest wedding pic in history - check.

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